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Made at Midnight Packages


Artwork for your music is so critical, because it's the first thing that catches someone's eye and it tells the story of the song before even listening to it. We do unique, eye catching artwork for singles and albums of all kinds.

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The visuals behind your music instantly catch a new listener's attention.
Our in-house videographer will provide you with visuals for music videos, photoshoots, and clean editing. Let us help you bring your expression to life.

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Executive Production

We want to help take care of your artistry and bring the best out of your sound. We can provide an in-house executive producer that will help you with songwriting, vocal production, and structure of your record during sessions.


Marketing is an essential component to every artist and any business. It's difficult for potential fans to find out about your music without it. Our team offers the best suited routes of promotion, playlist placements, and several networks to effectively promote your music to the world.